Archaeological Delights on American Soil

What do Newark, Ohio, Epps, La., Marquette, Iowa and the state of Illinois have in common? They are all sites of some of the most impressive archaeological wonders found anywhere in the world–and most seasoned tourists have no idea. Native American mounds and earthworks are one of the more under-appreciated archaeological treasures in the world, but a new “Top 10” list is now highlighting these attractions. The list of America’s Indian mounds and earthworks was formed from the authoritative book “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks” and has been widely quoted by travel sites. Still, few Americans are aware of the existence of these incredible wonders. The encyclopedia is packed with over 500 photos, and details 1,000 sites that can be visited in 41 states. more>>>

Location and physical features
Udi is an igbo community located in Southeast of Enugu state of Nigeria. It is the Headquarters of udi local government area in Enugu state.The town has been classified by Professor C.C. Ifemesia as belonging to the Northern Igbo. Udi is bounded in the east by ituku,in the west by Amokwe,in the North by Abia and in the south by Agbudu town.According to the 2006 census, it had a population of about 234,002 people.